Monstera Plant - 17cm dia

*Price includes eco-friendly gift wrap and one tree is planted with every purchase


The Monstera Plant (AKA"The Swiss Cheese Plant") is a gorgeous green leaf plant with holes in some of its leaves. They are a species of evergreen tropical vines and shrubs that are native to Central America.


Pet friendly: No keep out of reach of your pets.


How to care for your Monstera Plant

  • Your Monstera does best in indirect sunlight. It would also be happy in a semi-shaded spot, but would grow much better somewhere that gets lots of light but not direct sun.
  • Water moderately and evenly about once a week. Wait until the top 2 inches of soil is fairly dry before watering again.
  • This plant originates from the jungle so prefers humid conditions and loves a mist.


Pot size is 17cm.


The above price includes your plant to be wrapped in paper or hessian and a message card illustrated by local illustrator Laura Middleton.


One tree is planted with every order made. Check out our progress at

Monstera Plant - 17cm dia

  • Laura Middleton is a Cambridge-based illustrator. She specialises in painting British wildlife and plants, working with a combination of gouache and pencil.