Mini Monkey Monstera Plant - 5cm dia

*Price includes eco-friendly gift wrap and one tree is planted with every purchase


The Monstera Plant (AKA"The Swiss Cheese Plant") is a gorgeous green leaf plant with holes in some of its leaves. They are a species of evergreen tropical vines and shrubs that are native to Central America.


Pet friendly: No keep out of reach of your pets.


How to care for your Monstera Plant

  • Your Monstera does best in indirect sunlight. It would also be happy in a semi-shaded spot, but would grow much better somewhere that gets lots of light but not direct sun.
  • Water moderately and evenly about once a week. Wait until the top 2 inches of soil is fairly dry before watering again.
  • This plant originates from the jungle so prefers humid conditions and loves a mist.


The above price includes your plant to be gift wrapped.


Pot size 5cm.


Fit perfectly in the small mojave pots and smiley pot.


One tree is planted with every order made. Check out our progress at

Mini Monkey Monstera Plant - 5cm dia

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