Calathea Orbifolia plant

*Price includes eco-friendly gift wrap and one tree is planted with every purchase


Beautiful Calathea Orbifolia plant, has gorgeous large dark and light striped leaves. It is easy to look after and perfect to addition to any home or office. It is a species of Prayer Plant.


This plant does not include the ceramic pot. It fits perfectly in the Alicante pot 15x14cm, leggy terrecotta pot and Metal Pot 14.5x12cm, which are all available under Vases and Pots.


The pot size of this plant is 10cm and it is roughly 30cm tall.


The above price includes your plant to be wrapped in paper or hessian and a message card illustrated by local illustrator Laura Middleton.


One tree is planted with every order made. Check out our progress at



Calathea Orbifolia plant

  • Laura Middleton is a Cambridge-based illustrator. She specialises in painting British wildlife and plants, working with a combination of gouache and pencil.

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