Bonsai Tree

*Price includes one tree is planted with every purchase


The Bonsai Tree is an ornamental tree or shrub grown using the art of bonsai. They are a very popular gift. 


Pet friendly: Yes most Bonsai trees are pet friendly.


How to care for your Bonsai Tree

  • Water your trees when the soil gets slightly dry, but be sure not to water your tree if the soil is still wet, but don't let the tree dry out either. As a beginner, use your fingers at about one centimetre deep, (0.4") to check the soil moisture. If it's slightly dry, go ahead and water your tree. Water thoroughly all over the soil until the water drains through into a tray or saucer. Never let your bonsai dry out and avoid keeping it constantly wet. The soil should go from wet to damp between watering. Remember the hotter the position the more water your bonsai will use. If the soil surface becomes hard during hot weather simply submerge your bonsai in water, to cover the soil surface, for about ten minutes.
  • Lots of bright natural sunlight, the more direct the better.


The ceramic pot is included.


The above price includes a message card illustrated by local illustrator Laura Middleton hand written with your message.


One tree is planted with every order made. Check out our progress at



Bonsai Tree

  • Laura Middleton is a Cambridge-based illustrator. She specialises in painting British wildlife and plants, working with a combination of gouache and pencil.