Alocasia 'princess'- 19cm dia

*Price includes eco-friendly gift wrap and one tree is planted with every purchase


A gorgeous house plant with pink stems. A lovely addition to any house or office. Likes humid environments so perfect for the bathroom.


Pet friendly: no, keep out of reach of pets. Toxic if digested.


How to care for your Alocasia

  • Bright, indirect light 
  • Likes to be misted 
  • This plant is very sensitive to water. The best way to determine if it needs water (besides the drooping stems), is to lift the pot and if it feels light, water it. This could take some practice. So when you see your plant drooping, don't water it immediately, but lift it up first. Now you will be able to tell what its weight is for the next time.


The pot size of this plant is 19cm.


The above price includes your plant to be wrapped in paper or hessian and a message card illustrated by local illustrator Laura Middleton.


One tree is planted with every order made. Check out our progress at

Alocasia 'princess'- 19cm dia

  • Laura Middleton is a Cambridge-based illustrator. She specialises in painting British wildlife and plants, working with a combination of gouache and pencil.