How ordering Bouquets and plants work?

We currently have two or three different bouquets a week to choose from. At the moment we have Vintage, Carnival and Lucky. We look at colours rather than flowers to design each bouquet. Vintage is antique colours such as peaches, creams, dark purples, pinks and blacks, using different textured flowers. Carnival is an array of colours and a mixture of textures. The Lucky One, when available is when we have a surplus of flowers and don't want the flowers to go to waste. It can be any of the flowers from the other two bouquets. The flowers will be the same freshness and the same level of care is taken in creating the bouquet, but you get 20% discount (already applied). The lucky bouquet is not always available.

We also offer plants. All plants come with a ceramic pot, at the moment we have three different ceramic pots to choose from. 

Once you have chosen your bouquet and made sure we deliver to the address you would like the flowers delivered to (map available on the Delivery Info page), chose the wrap, card option, message you would like in the card and date of delivery. You can pick a delivery date way in advance but please bear in mind that the flowers will vary but the colour palette will remain the same. Then put your bouquet it to your basket, this will take you to The Flower Basket page.

Once here, you can add any extra delivery instructions we might need to know (i.e please do not give to reception and call recipient on....or please leave behind shed if recipient is not in. Also, this is the page you can enter any discount codes you might have.

You then go to check out, the delivery address is the recipients address and the invoice address will be the address your bank card is registered to. 

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